Iron gray Lamborghini Gallardo film body

This year's Geneva Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show) among entrained new look of Lamborghini Gallardo successor cars Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 debut officially Gallardo cars on the market a decade feats under the plan period. Looking back, in 2003, the debut of the Lamborghini Gallardo was in shock caused no less now Lamborghini Huracán brings commotion, and so that the public is difficult to be sure, whether the new Lamborghini Huracán like Gallardo in general, in the market fighting a decade?

The world's limited 50 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse

Before successor cars Lamborghini Huracán not been published, the original version in late 2013 on behalf of the Gallardo-based, to create a lightweight version and Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse resorted to a limited quota of 50, where 15 is determined to the United States, 3 to Canada, while others are located in all major cities around the world.

I such that glasses to hang in the hope that changes in appearance.Because so far of glasses it had been used

Also it is cool silver necklace that glimpse.Among the Frogskins of Oakley (Oakley) (frog skin) has become mainstream in the celebrity as everyday use of fashionable sunglasses,Zach? Efron (Zac Efron),such as Holbrook (Holbrook) and Dispatch (Dispatch) situations and Fashion sunglasses wish that suits are good feelings!?The last of the world of celebrity x Oakley (Oakley) series of articles See also to match!

California has captured seven of the legendary moment,each of the photographs again take down the one

Pilot for sunglasses,which was completed through the years of 6 years to complete,it is equipped with the famous green lens in teardrop shape as Ray-Ban?

Audi RS 6 allroad imaginary map

Recently, foreign media once again drew a RS 6 allroad models imaginary figure, a new car or with the RS 6 Avant uses the same 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine. It is reported that the Audi RS 6 allroad primarily developed for the Chinese market, is expected to debut in 2017. According to overseas media reports, taking into account the Chinese consumer demand for increasingly strong performance of the car, Audi will launch this model the main face of the Chinese market, it may also be sold in Europe or elsewhere.

In the rearview mirror and reversing video system

In the lateral field of view, I will give this piece Ralink within dual-engine rear-view mirror a high score, with normal forward will not have any problems, broader perspective you look at the rear of the case in favor of the road. However, when reversing or need to be careful, because the design of the rear hinder obstacle after you look below the proposed combination of reverse image simultaneously. For Ralink dual-engine reversing video system, I am not satisfied, first single function, neither the angle switching function, there is no follower auxiliary line; followed by the display is more general, grainy.

GOLF GTI engine four generations

BORA R engine is the use of tools from abroad understand is the use of four generations GOLF GTI TURBO engine is different as KO3S and BORA 1.8T engine. Let's start to make friends to share location MTM second stage power conversion process BORA R engine control unit.

Bora 1.8T Sport Bora R

Power than ordinary 1.8T models have significantly improved, the early part of the accelerator pedal feel is not obvious, slightly more slowly from the electronic throttle system instead of turbocharged, supercharged once started strong intervention, the engine speed immediately soared, with the hissing sound of air flow purge valve, push back strong acceleration feel especially excited people, Bora sporty in power really powerful. Engines modified focus is pressurization system, the engine computer will be able to increase boost pressure adjustment, combined with optimized fuel injection ignition curve, thus releasing a lot of potential power, of course, in order to ensure the reliability of the engine fit

While playful design,it is also is attractive not matter the style in modest color

This time for the Red lip of eyewear and staple that to produce a plain clothes of such Taylor to jerk fashionable.Taylor's ultra-charming lips,doubled attractive red lip!Hair style and casual relaxed fashion that is summarized in rough and plus,sense of balance that is not too determines is her unique.Eyewear is patronized the "Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban)".Indeed well know !! what you look good on their ownSince Eyewear Tsukai not unique too to imitate easy,it is going to be a fashionable reference!

New stock trading tool

Paper Trade Contest (PTC) is a website/online cloud service to record your gain/lose on each individual stock in your account, and act as a log book for your trading history, even trades from different brokage. It saves every transactions you made from the beginning, automatically give you a break down of the gain and lose of each stock, conveniently summarizing them in a single page. It will never purge or remove your trading record not matter how old the record is, unlike most of the brokerages. The system will give you a real time break down of each individual stock's gain and lose.
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