Audi SUV models Q series was born

This generation of quattro mainly focuses on optimizing the coordination between the Centratic A-type central differential and ESP. Because it is Tuo Sen A type, so only in the manual transmission models. S4 and RS4 strong, I believe we have heard, with their quattro of course, is also dry goods.

Spring and shock absorbers work together

Unlike other models, the first and second generation of C4 Picasso are divided into five plates and seven versions, the front axle bearing are the same, are 1,100 kg, but the rear axle will be different, because the two car body length and The rear weight is different, since there are 90 kilograms of the difference, that spring is also different, when ordered to be clear. Finally talk about the driving experience it, before the replacement of the spring, with Bilstein B6 shock absorber with the original spring ran two or three months and about two thousand kilometers, are basically the daily urban road and highway-based, although In the support of the feeling of feeling very satisfied, even just for the time also sprout "is not no need to change the spring?

The biggest feature of variable pitch spring

Because the two shocks brand cooperation B12 series does not correspond to C4 Picasso, so only their own by the Bilstein B6 + Eibach Pro-kit "Baby B12" sports suit shock absorbers. The biggest characteristic of the variable pitch spring is that the elastic response produced by different parts is different. When the small vibration is small, the diameter of the upper and lower ends is smaller but the number of laps is relatively dense. When the vibration is large, Division of labor in order to achieve a comfortable orientation of the full range of shock support effect.

Smart two special edition models

In the current auto show, smart brought two special models of the official model, the two models are smart fortwo cabrio Brabus Edition # 2 (hereinafter referred to as fortwo Crosstown special edition) and smart forfour Crosstown Edition (hereinafter referred to asfour Crosstown special edition). It is reported that the fortwo special edition models will only be limited to the sale of 100. Appearance, fortwo special version of the appearance of the use of a "cold silver" color spray, the wheel has adopted a set from the Brabus 16-inch dual eight-spoke two-color wheels, the overall visual effect is indeed "cold".

DS 7 debuted for the first time

DS 7 CROSSBACK first public appearance. February 7, DS 7 CROSSBACK in Paris, France, the world's first appearance, located in the compact SUV level DS 7 CROSSBACK DS brand is a new flagship model, the car based on PSA Group EMP2 platform to build the future will be the identity of the domestic Enter Chinese market. DS 7 CROSSBACK body size parameters for the long 4570 / wide 1890 / high 1620mm, size close to the average level of medium-sized SUV.

SQ7 power to the extreme

With a more powerful engine, larger rims, a rugged chassis, and a more beautiful design, these are the features of a sporty version of the SUV. The world's leading level and technology coupled with special electronic technology makes this car SQ7 power to the extreme. At the same time Audi in order to compete with Bentley Tim, in the vehicle mechanical design exhausted; the future of the Audi SQ5 they will also be designed. The external extra aluminum alloy decoration will be the movement of the vehicle atmosphere and body edges and corners reflected most vividly, one of the most representative is the high-performance sports version balanced turbo of the Audi car will be equipped with metal mirrors shell.

Jazz ZS cultural attributes

From the history, a car to bring an example of the times is not uncommon, almost every country has been, such as the Ford T-car era, the public beetles era, but can go beyond the borders are recognized is not many. Now, the MG ZS carrying the Internet from the temporary difficult to say that it can change anything, but it is walking in the forefront of fashion, with the international aesthetic of the avant-garde models may be an indisputable fact. It can be said that this is Shanghai and then start the landmark products, regain the beginning of self-confidence.

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"Iron battery" BYD forklift

Relative to the normal conditions, cold storage industry, low temperature environment on the operation of the material handling equipment has a more stringent requirements, cold forklift truck was once regarded as a technical gap between the industry. At present, the market fuel forklift pollution problems and lead-acid battery forklift "cold" problem, are severely limited the development of cold storage and storage transport. As equipped with low temperature "iron battery" BYD forklift, its high performance, low energy consumption and other characteristics of the cold chain industry to become the gospel. BYD forklift for low temperature environment for unique design and modification, the iron battery can still be used in the -40 degrees.

Who is the fastest in the history of Ferrari?

Ferrari can run fast is a very mysterious thing, they do not rely on track data reputation, do not want any organization to their own vehicle lap test.
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