Volvo texture is very strong

Seated in the car, fierce looks Volvo S90 luxury is clearly less than Mercedes-Benz E-class, Mercedes-Benz horizontal through the large screen is really too attractive. However, a closer look and gently touch, you will find the Volvo S90 interior texture stronger, especially the center console solid wood trim, matte texture is very strong, especially warm feeling. Sound, the two show cars are using the head of the audio brand, one is Baohua Wei Jian, one is the sound of Berlin. Are the top audio, but the Volvo sound settings have a Stockholm concert hall sound, really impressed me, this vote I vote for Volvo. The actual ride space on the two cars into a tie, longer wheelbase after the Volvo S90 rear leg space fit golf mk4 coil springs struts is more than two fists, can be on an equal footing with rivals. Ride comfort is divided into two parts, one is the seat back and cushion comfort, this Volvo S90 more comfortable, from the measurement data, the Volvo S90 cushion is very short, but cushion softness, height and angle are more appropriate, Mercedes E Level sat a bit nest stomach, not too comfortable. The other part is the headrest, Volvo models headrest can not adjust the height, and S90 rear headrest is too small, Mercedes-Benz is particularly easy way to the headrest plus a cushion, a good linear upgrade fit mk2 golf suspension kit. Rear storage space to fight a tie, two cars have a suitable cup holder and storage of debris in place, but the Mercedes-Benz E-class central armrest is very general, exposure to the storage tank affect the elbow rest. Under normal conditions the Volvo S90 trunk slightly larger, but the opening is less than the Mercedes-Benz E-class. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz run-flat tire, so the trunk below the floor empty out a lot of space, to a greater extent to meet the daily storage, Mercedes-Benz E-class win. Power on the whole department is equipped with 2.0T Volvo engine, top engine fit mk2 golf shock absorbers displacement is 2.0T, but joined the hybrid system. Mercedes-Benz main push 2.0T models, but also provide 3.0T V6 engine, have to say that may also spend more than 60 million, 3.0T V6 people feel more comfortable, the actual driving acceleration time, fuel consumption in fact T8's Volvo S90 .