Taiwan-bin personality characteristics

As a SUV, Bin-chi changed to "low-lying Fan" will look like? Put in front of the Taiwan-bin modified car gives a clear answer. Its almost lying on the ground of the front, almost completely blocked the front tires, with a lovely atmosphere in front of the background with a backdrop, giving the feeling is very special. In fact, the original plant's design has been quite good, stylish, seductive and engaging, in line with the taste of young people. In contrast, the smart modified car is a relatively more personalized features, low lying posture makes it look like a large five hatchback hatchback. This feeling is more apparent from the front 45 degrees, while the 19-inch wheels and very thin tires are a good enhancement of this visual experience fit Volvo S60 Turbo. Perhaps you said that this modification is difficult to understand, and even mistakenly believe that the car's shock absorber bad. But for the owners, this is the pursuit, but also fun, the Bin-chi converted into this way, where it will be a focus. Of course, this "focus" capability is the original Plantronics can not be achieved, after all, the original car can be seen everywhere. As for the actual results, compared with the original models fit Volvo S60 Turbo Replacement will be clear at a glance. I was surprised that after the modification of the rear of the visual effect better than the front. From this point of view, it is like a low-lying large five-door hatchback hatchback. In 19-inch wheels set off, but also quite a bit small steel gun taste. After the modification, the rear of the changes than the front is more obvious, a bit of the original wisdom of the \ feel. In order to make the appearance to achieve the desired effect, it uses the Taiwan inFORGED brand iFGT 2 wheels, its style is beautiful, and the body with the smart body is also just right. I think the owner of the choice is correct fit TD04L Turbo, the current Taiwan-made wheels are popular in mainland China and Hong Kong consumers, affordable, reliable quality is the main reason.