Suspension emphasis on comfort

Since the suspension is biased towards comfort, the support will have a certain loss, I think it is just enough level of it, the resulting problem is most obvious when you are slightly faster cornering, it's Roll will be more obvious. In addition, its dynamic follow-up will be relatively slow, high-speed driving and the body slightly when the need for procrastination. But having said that, the price of the compact SUV are basically there will be such a problem. NVH on the body, its performance in line with price requirements, but I think it has significant room for improvement: Idle, the engine noise and vibration are within a reasonable range; high-speed driving, wind noise is more obvious, especially Is the A-pillar and C-pillar position, but tire noise control is better, Ma MC5 tire performance worthy of recognition; need speed, the engine speed more than 3500rpm, the noise will be more obvious, and the sound is not too pleasing to the ear. Count the test time, I contacted the AX5 a day and a half or so. If a practical practical compact SUV to measure, its performance is still possible, braking performance is tough, fuel consumption is a normal level, driving quality is better. As for the acceleration performance, I believe this is the most people in doubt, after all, 12.64 seconds of this is not a very beautiful acceleration time in sight, but in fact this level of power has been sufficient to cope with normal daily use, the same level SUV also mostly This is the level of power only.