NSX was born

But fortunately the transmission in both the intense driving or daily driving are able to calmly deal with the same time with the end of the valve switch exhaust when you want to issue rolling noise; and performance, the new car 0-100km / h acceleration Time in about three seconds, the maximum speed of 307km / h. The birth of NSX can be mentioned above to 1984, Honda technical research F1 race will want to mass production technology to create a comparable European and American sports car products and Ferrari 328 fit mk2 golf suspension as the same period as a competitive product development, and to this project By the end of the day, Honda had changed the competition to become a more powerful Ferrari. Until 1990, this by the founder of Honda Honda Izumiro personally supervise the promotion, the appearance of the famous designer Okuyama Qingxing completed the formal release of the sports car, the new car officially named after the project code - NSX fit vw golf mk2 lowering kits (New Sportscar eXperimental). At this point a Japanese research and development of the super sports car began to sweep the world, "EGL Ferrari" name has also become NSX ringing titles, in September 1990 production to December 2005 shutdown, 15 years more than 18,000 different models NSX let the world remember a legendary model. After discontinuing in 2005, Honda has been planning the launch of its successor, including the planned V10 engine fit jetta mk2 lowering springs equipped with the second generation NSX, but eventually forced to cancel the plan due to economic conditions, until 2011 Manway film "Avenger Union" One of the new NSX Roadster concept car has become the Iron Man's car, its significance is to inform the world about NSX will return to the market.