NSX complex power system

Power NSX in the new ultra-running which can be described as unique, it inherited the spirit of the old NSX, using a 3.5L V6 engine, but changed to vertical design, and on the addition of two turbines and three Taiwan electric motor. Powerful hybrid system makes the new NSX integrated maximum power of 573 horsepower, peak torque of 645 cattle meters. Transmission, the new car with a new 9-speed dual-clutch gearbox, At the same time in order to better layout of the engine fit golf mk4 coil springs struts compartment, new car intercooler is designed in the rear fender under the air intake, while the whole car's water cooling system is designed in the front part. In addition, two of the three motors are placed on the front axle, and the battery providing the energy for the motor is located on the back of the driver. This complex hybrid system, 3.5L twin-turbocharged engine and coaxial motor to drive the rear wheel, while the front axle fixed two teeth than the motor-driven front axle, making the NSX to achieve a four-wheel drive layout, this set System is officially known as the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system fit mk2 golf suspension kit. The above "black technology" to play in the assembly of the new lightweight aluminum frame structure, but this still makes the new NSX body quality to 1725kg. Although the new NSX power system sounds a bit complicated, but as a super sports car driving experience is how customers want to know. Our editor in the test drive evaluation, although the new engine fit mk2 golf shock absorbers is still able to force the 9000rpm red zone, but the lack of the famous VTEC technology, people still can not feel once the "red machine".