The new Kelao proud of China special for the car

The new Kelao proud is a global car, took the lead in Germany and France and other European mainstream market landed in China, fully demonstrated Renault car on the Chinese market attach great importance. The new Corey proudly did not live up to expectations, elegant shape, larger size, rich configuration has been so proud of the new Kelai proud of the pack. Sharp Eagle wing-style front face with a wide grille design, both sides of the entire LED headlamps integrated into the Eagle wing shape, highlighting the new Kolei Dapeng wings like the momentum and strength; C-type LED daytime driving Light to the new Kelao turbo suppliers uk proud full of the sense of the times, while the front wing of a straight waistline is more demonstrated its domineering, uninhibited uninhibited personality. SUV is domineering, in addition to the new Kerry arrogant domineering appearance, compared to the older size is bound to be another big selling point. Compared with the same level of the Ford wing and Buick Angkor, the new Koleos have the largest of the three body size, gives the user the most direct feeling is that the internal space is very comfortable and long-distance ride comfort. As a European car, the new Koleos balanced turbo still maintain the kind of delicate European car work and texture, into the car will be able to give the kind of high-end luxury feel; in the materials used, the new Koleos can be unambiguous, the use of Nappa leather wrapped multifunction steering wheel not only feel fine, the operation is also very easy; 0.91 square meters of panoramic sunroof allows rear passengers no longer feel depressed. The test drive models are top with models turbo for after, in addition to a strong package of leather seats, but also equipped with seat heating and seat ventilation, so that the northern and southern friends in the winter and summer can enjoy this set Seat to bring people so warm.