The new configuration and power Koleos

Dual independent air-conditioning, 12 speakers of high-fidelity BOSE sound, can make the car staff enjoy home theater-like treatment. Vertical screen shape of the 8.7-inch full-color high-resolution screen in the control of Tesla more sense of the kind of technology, while the atmosphere of light to join the car also more grades; In addition, the new Keluo proud of triple air purification System, you can filter more than 93% PM2.5 particles in the increasingly serious moment of the haze is a very practical configuration. So rich in the configuration must have you on this new Renault Kole aftermarket turbo of admiration. The more surprising is its power. Dongfeng Renault new Kelao proud of the current trend is not the use of - small displacement turbocharged, but still using 2.0 liters and 2.5 liters of two naturally aspirated engine, matching the energy saving, comfort and smoothness and excellent reliability can be simulated 7-speed CVT transmission. After the test drive experience Coilovers, the new Kelao proud of the dynamic response is very agile, although not as small and turbocharged cars that irritable, but enough to meet the daily driving, because the car is good to open, comfortable and quiet Plaza, And it's all for you. In the suspension, the vehicle's road sense is more intense, giving confidence coilover suspension kit.