Mercedes-Benz GLE advantages

Mercedes-Benz GLE model history compared to the BMW X5 is more long, GLE is based on the latest Mercedes-Benz naming the new name, in fact, it is Mercedes-Benz M-class models introduced in 1997 (see the new Mercedes-Benz naming rules, click here) . Cash GLE has also been extended Mercedes-Benz M-class classic hidden D-pillar design, appearance has a very high degree of recognition. For the merits of the Mercedes-Benz GLE fit Lexus IS300 coilovers for sale, the owners generally said that the power is absolutely enough, take plenty of space, driving control is very good, relatively high comfort. For comfort, Mercedes-Benz brand has always done well, "sit-Benz" slogan on the SUV models do not seem too much. As for the GLE slot, the owners have no keyless entry reaction is very strong. In addition, the owners of the navigation system fit Lexus IS300 coilovers for Mercedes-Benz GLE is also very critical, the owner "walk life kevin" evaluation is very representative: "the whole system without keyless entry, every time on the car but also the key from his pocket Navigation, is simply anti-human design, you want to search for a destination, it is simply more difficult than the sky, the first choice of the street, and then select the house number, and so on, and so on. Since the sales in China, it should meet the needs of the Chinese people, add points of interest search, such as want to go to a district fit Lexus IS300 Damper CoilOver, as long as the input community name on the line. "