Lexus UX will replace CT

Lexus officially opened in October this year, the Paris Motor Show officially unveiled the UX concept car, positioning the entry level SUV is likely to replace the current sales performance of the general CT200h, according to foreign media speculation, UX production version of the fastest in the The autumn of 2017 release. Lexus CT as a luxury compact car, in the global market within the range did not achieve satisfactory sales, foreign media reports within the current Lexus and no intention to develop its direct replacement models. With the Lexus UX concept car launch, coupled with SUV products worldwide more popular, so the future Lexus is likely to UX production version to replace CT200h become brand new entry-level products. In addition, foreign media also exposed a very important point, the current Lexus has been registered for the UX trademark, so the concept of mass production for the UX the possibility of greater. But this does not mean CT200h will soon exit the market, the future of this model is expected to also undergo a facelift upgrade.