How do not look good car sell?

First said that this free light, the Chinese name may feel quite fresh, but an English name that you know it is an acquaintance - Cherokee, yes yes that year the boxy Cherokee. Now it is transformed, lá had a double eyelid, health of the body, even on the reborn. 2013, we see the free light, will say: how so ugly! Jeep crazy? Can be to the present, 2016 the first 9 months, free light has sold more than 70,000 vehicles, you dare to say this car ugly? Ugly another extension of the concept is strange, it comes to blame on certain cars - Nissan Juke coilover suspension kit. Since the 2009 Qazana concept car debut, Juke became a small SUV in a wonderful work. No matter how this is not like a stylish SUV, but at least read it will never forget. For this Xiaoguai, domestic users have been a lot of fans curiosity, after several years of looking forward to it finally in the domestic market, but with another brand, into a small luxury SUV Infiniti ESQ. To say ugly car sector predecessors, and ultimately, ultimately, Citroen Picasso. Great facelift before the Picasso because of water droplets design and maverick, but eat melon masses that completely can not understand this aesthetic. Later, the new C4 PICASSO debut, but small series is still stunned by the law car design coilover kits, this beauty has gone beyond the aesthetic of contemporary people, the C4 PICASSO as a car from the future may be more appropriate, especially the first Lamp and taillight design, completely let you find a sense of alien feet. Think of when the first compact SUV market, Ford has been tried, but try the model is not successful. Ford wing Bo because of the design on the weird so many people are brooding, as if abruptly to the carnival to pull up. The tail of the "little bag" is not any off-road flavor, can only make people feel more cumbersome. Although the car is still in sales, but sales have also reached the point of relatively bleak, it is regrettable. Here comes the ugly car industry can not shake the king - QQ6 Exhaust Manifold, although our own brand, but small series can not be partial, because this car is too difficult. But then again, who has not a few painful memories of Chen sesame rotten millet past it. As a must in the development of a stage, Chery made at least try, but QQ6 is a failure of experience only.