Honda Edison modified EDDYSTAR air filter

Bin Zhi is a young, stylish, dynamic small SUV, the car is 1.5L version, the owners choose to modify the air filter (that is, we commonly known as the style) is mainly to choose a simple and effective way to make this car Of the horsepower and torque have a certain upgrade! Intake air separation is the first barrier into the air. Therefore, the choice of how the wind will be a direct impact on the conversion into the combustion chamber air, if the outside air impurities have not been effectively filtered, then the engine efficiency will be greatly reduced. Although the original models will also be equipped with wind separated, but can not meet the pursuit of greater driving performance fit Mazda MX5 Coilovers of the owners, so replace a set of better filtration flow is more of a more direct and efficient power upgrade method. Compared to some of the world's leading products, EDDYSTAR brand wind separated with a higher cost advantage. The outer layer of the protective layer to protect the steel mesh, sandwiched between the cotton fiber layer, the outside world after the dust particles attached to the fiber forming part of the filter media, the engine's performance and life have played a protective role fit MX5 MK1 Coilovers . In addition, EDDYSTAR wind compartment can also be removed after cleaning with water reuse. Through the absorption of yarn into the filter media to become part of the filter to create a larger plane than the contact area, so that the amount of air into the larger and more pure, nano-fiber layer woven cotton material, effectively increasing the intake volume , While better filtering air particles and dust, clean air, to help burn, protect the engine fit MX5 MK2 Coilovers , enhance power and reduce crude oil consumption. Dedicated car, easy to install. The cost of replacing an EDDYSTAR high-performance air filter is much lower than replacing an infinite number of disposable air filters.