Ford confirmed resurrection Bronco

Ford has announced it will restart the Bronco model, which will be launched in 2020 (foreign media speculation that it will appear in 2019), the new car will use non-load-type body structure, positioning a hardcore SUV. The new Bronco will be based on the new Ranger pickup to build, so foreign media speculation, the car's design will draw a lot from the Ford pickup shape. In the foreign media rendering of the imaginary map, we can see the familiar headlights, front grille and door design, on the whole, is still very wild. In terms of power, the car will be equipped with an EcoBoost gasoline engine, the maximum power of 300 horsepower or more. In addition, the car will also provide diesel version models. Combined with previous news, the Ford Michigan plant will be in 2018 and 2020, respectively, ushered in two new models put into operation, which will be put into operation in 2018 Ford Ranger pickup (cash Ford Ranger not in North America production and sales), and A new generation of Bronco will be in production in 2020.