Chi - line multimedia navigation system

To ask which car leads the Chinese small SUV, the answer must be non-wingbolt. In 2003, based on the fifth generation Carnival B3 platform, Ford to create the first generation of wing stroke, and production in Brazil, and in the Brazilian market has achieved great success, as of 2011, its cumulative sales of more than 700,000 Taiwan; second-generation wing in 2013, is based on the globalization of the B2E platform to build, equipped with 1.0T three-cylinder EcoBoost engine and 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, 1.0T three-cylinder EcoBoots engine has been awarded the International Good engine award, 2014 and 2015, this engine in the "Ward 10 engine" on the list. In 2013, Changan Ford will be introduced into China-made wing, small domestic joint venture SUV market segment is in fact from this time be considered officially opened. October 25, 2016, the new facelift of the 2017 Ford wing stroke in the domestic market, starting price of 9.48 million yuan. 2017 Ford wing stroke in the design and configuration of a comprehensive upgrade, equipped with daytime running lights and automatic headlights. Also equipped with Ford's latest car entertainment system and 8-inch capacitive touch screen, and optional tire pressure monitoring, auto-sensing wipers, reversing images and with Bluetooth stereo and Bluetooth phones Zhi-line multimedia navigation system.