The Chevrolet Zurich Z71 comes with an extensive selection

Speaking of American-style imported pickup, I think we first thought is the landing of the domestic market Ford F-150, Toyota smooth, Dodge Ram, which does not seem to GM Group, Bringing the two pickup models, namely the "large" Chevrolet Sauropod (Silverado) and the "trumpet" of the Crowd (Colorado), the future of the two cars are expected to visit the Chinese market. Today we take a look at what kind of Kurod is the pickup. In the United States not only three kinds of body size options, rich original accessories and trailer function can also meet the American consumers to do rough work, car travel needs, which makes it in the US market can be popular. However, due to low prices of domestic brands of Chinese pickup a large number, want it to play in the country as a "blue-collar workers," the role I am afraid that some inappropriate. New car landing in the Chinese market, in view of its equipped with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system, the main competing products is naturally Ford F-150 can be cross-country and import of American-style pickup, but even so, it is in the country I am afraid there will not be a larger audience. Coupled with a variety of policies and regulations for the various restrictions on pickup, Kurd, such as imported pickup may still be a small part of the players to play off-road tool Bale.