The biggest highlight of Volkswagen Teramont

If the Guangzhou Auto Show this year, the most eye-catching SUV, will definitely be the public Teramont, both in the media and professional public day of the public booth at all times surrounded by the media and consumers. This is located in the large SUV guy has a 5039mm × 1989mm × 1773mm body size, wheelbase is reached 2980mm, using the domestic production of it in this level which is a rare one. Interior, the public still did not give consumers too many surprises, the traditional design style looks familiar, but its biggest bright spot in the overall performance of the space, in addition to ample head space and the second Row of legs space, Teramont's third row performance is also very eye-catching. In addition, the new car in the erection of the third row of seats can also have 409L of the trunk space, and down the second row and third row seats, the storage space can reach a staggering 2451L. Power, the entry-level models will be equipped with 2.0T engine fit mk2 golf suspension, in addition to the Chinese market tailored for the public 2.5T VR6 engine, the maximum power of 299 hp, peak torque of 500 Nm. Although the torque has exceeded the 3.0T engine equipped with the Phaenon, but in the early test drive among the editors of the experience is still turbo lag significantly. Transmission, and the engine will match the 7-speed DSG gearbox. As the Volkswagen SUV family among the most large one, Teramont does not seem to Highlander and sharp sector and other medium-sized 7 SUV in the eyes, but spotted the import sales of Buick Angkor and Ford explorer fit vw golf mk2 lowering kits, its This positioning seems to be somewhat similar to Phaeton, so if you expect Teramont to "bully a small" has a relatively close to the price, I am afraid this time and disappointed. But we consider from the consumer point of view, Teramont although the size of the overall beyond the Highlander and other models, but if it can be done in the level of large SUV to compete Highlander, sharp industry and other seven medium-sized SUV market, then , I believe that domestic consumers will definitely be more recognized this big guy, after all, as a medium-sized SUV and SUV fit jetta mk2 lowering springs in the two large-scale market, the former's weight is much higher than the latter. So we also hope that the public can re-consider its listing in the market before the real position and price of Teramont, so as to ensure that the public in the Chinese SUV market really take the amount of money.