The Bandini 1300 was released

In 1975, in order to express his gratitude to the driver who had worked for him, Ilario organized an exhibition. By 1979, including F1 champion James Hunt and Niki Lauda, including the total number of visitors over 10,000. In 1981, Ilario received an honorary doctorate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at New York University. Prior to this, the municipal government of Forli and the Italian Olympic Committee awarded him a medal for his contribution to the Italian sport for many years In 1980, the Bandini 1300 was released, and five years later at the Predappio climbing race turbo for after, the 73-year-old was driving his own car for the last time in his lifetime. On April 12, 1992, after creating the last car in the life, Bandini 1000 turbo "Berlinetta", Ilario Bandini Father fucking, at the age of 80 years. To commemorate him, Forli municipal government in 2002 to his name named a square. Now many of the classic car race aftermarket turbo, he built the car is still maneuvering. His nephew, Dr. Dino Bandini, founded the Ilario Bandini Museum in Forli, collecting ten Bandini racing cars and many historical documents to express his admiration and admiration for him. 929cc inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine aftermarket turbo Bore x stroke: 76.2x51 mm Compression ratio 11: 1 Maximum speed 10000 rpm.