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Junjie FRV modified shock absorbers

Personally, I have used a lot of sets of shock absorbers, I will give you advice is to want to change the suspension system must be connected with the change springs and shock absorbers, do not blindly believe what is good for a shock it must lie with shock absorbers spring has its own data, the data for the shock damping, explain here what damping, damping is a so-called data to prevent deformation of the spring, for example, under the pressure of the spring, so slow down under the pressure, stretching the spring, so pull slow stretch, in fact, doing so is to try to make the body stable, the first car is no shock, only spring, and then talk about the comfort of our concern, comfort is in line with most of the action by the spring suspension travel, not said about small shock damping, comf

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Surrounding the whole is very simple, without any extra openings in the net stores also made a new dynamic main reason people dress up their car is brand SportContact2 horse type 2055017 sports tires with RAYS SF wheels, low-profile while improving grip to performance. The core part of the natural Airforce air suspension is set up. Airforce D2 shock absorbers are manufactured by Taiwanese OEM market fairly common brand pneumatic shock absorbers. Airforce biggest feature is affordable, cover more models. The Airforce belong Deluxe Edition fit Subaru Coilovers, and its advantage is not only highly controllable in the car, in the car can also be remote control height.

Mazda MX-5 (nd) conversion Case

The new Mazda MX-5 uses the iconic "soul motion" design, compared with the old models have a lot of improvement, the visual effect is more sharp and full of a sense of power. The front is the usual "big mouth" grille, air intake lines and tough, smooth side and smooth curves contrasting; car abandoned the old section of the hardtop design, the use of soft-top convertible design, which will effectively improve the top body hood is open when the weight problem; the rear is a two-sided co exhaust pipes, tail outline angular, very three-dimensional, taillights and Jaguar F-type has the same purpose. This issue brings a fourth generation MX5 modification cases overseas.

Mazda MX-5 HellaFlush modified

This time, as long as do "excess" thing, always under attack different users, the world is so big, it is impossible to praise you and everyone, but some things will always be someone to do first, but sooner or later Bale! For many Japanese fans convertible trot, the Mazda MX-5 car should be no stranger. After the advent of the previous generation MX-5 years, the new MX-5 in all aspects of appearance, power, light weight and so on have been leap upgrade, called "decade sword." Car world's first fourth-generation convertible HellaFlush style of the Mazda MX-5 is still wayward cutter teeth shock absorbers used in HF world play is a kind of self-willed!

Civic / Ling Du / Fox everyday driving

Everyday driving with the most is the first third of the throttle travel, Ling crossing behave more calm, to create a relaxed driving atmosphere, so no pressure to drive the vehicle, but also unattractive. If you put the pedal deeper than half, after about 1 second will clear sense of pushing back the emergence of operators throughout the reaction very fast, subjective feeling full of energy, but before and compared the performance gap a little big, you need to adapt. If you switch to S block, dynamic response will be more active, but daily travel seems a bit wasteful. This is the inherent advantages of the transmission structure, and traditional automatic transmission CVT is difficult to learn. Under normal circumstances, the transmission will upshift hard as you fuel and money.

New British cause G3 visual effects

Recently, Weichai Motors announced the new British cause G3 models officially listed, launched a total of 5 new car models. The new G3 uses a new style front air chrome grille, side uses a dual waist design, exterior mirrors with integrated LED turn signals. In addition, the new car also uses a simple two-way four-spoke alloy wheels, better visual effects. In the interior part of the car interior using red and black mix, instrument panel, steering wheel, door trim panels and other details of the design have changed. In the center console area, LCD screen size will increase.

Porsche Cayenne named "Black Bison"

Sometimes, modifications to the car just as clothing dress looks like, is not necessarily to be fair runaway, but a way to show personality. Especially for such as the Porsche Cayenne SUV in high-grade cars, buy its meaning is often not only the practicality and space use it, otherwise buy a Toyota Sienna is definitely better, you can also save a lot of budget.

A. Kahn Design Porsche Cayenne

Kahn Design This modification often reminds us of the great brand, broad modified Range Rover, and fitted with four large tires absurd, over the past few years, Kahn Design has gradually expanded their product lines and customer level, from movie stars to football Stars are often, Kahn Design among those vehicle owners want to stand out suddenly became very red, its presence in the UK have created a lot of packages, Range Rover kit continued production, but it is not unique. Today would like to introduce their latest on Porsche Cayenne conversion kit, 3.0 l V-6 diesel engine, although the relative sounds not too strong, but strong appearance can not be careless, front air intakes and wheel arches 4340 crankshaft a

Mercedes-Benz W211 modified

In fact, we all know that the real style is definitely not built on top of the trend, the real taste is very personal, make us unique and mysterious, full of meaning can not be pondering. But in today's culture, style is everything, it affects our dress, shopping, living and even eating habits.

MEC Design Mercedes-Benz E-Class W207 modified

MEC designed with a complete body kit surrounded by large, with a new LED daytime running lights and the carbon fiber front spoiler of the front bumper. "Black Series style 'carbon fiber rear diffuser and new exhaust system are integrated into a new rear bumper, and a set of design MEC mecxtreme3 polishing wheel hub. Enjoy together! Recently, MEC Design Mercedes-Benz announced the E-Class W207 widebody kit version.  The widebody kit version with a new front face design KHF5-2B Turbo Replacement, including a new bumper design, redesigned air intakes, the updated hood and side vents, and adds a carbon fiber front splitter.
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