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New stock trading tool

Paper Trade Contest (PTC) is a website/online cloud service to record your gain/lose on each individual stock in your account, and act as a log book for your trading history, even trades from different brokage. It saves every transactions you made from the beginning, automatically give you a break down of the gain and lose of each stock, conveniently summarizing them in a single page. It will never purge or remove your trading record not matter how old the record is, unlike most of the brokerages. The system will give you a real time break down of each individual stock's gain and lose.

ProPILOT autopilot technology view

July 13 this year, with the new Serena launched in Japan, autopilot technology ProPILOT Nissan also will first meet with the world, which is caused by road traffic accidents Nissan solutions to other problems - from the source to avoid accidents happened. Relying front camera and radar and other hardware facilities, based on Israel's Mobileye company EyeQ3 chip technology Nissan ProPILOT autopilot technology at this stage, automatic steering, acceleration and braking and other functions, and the timetable according to Nissan provided, ProPILOT system 2020 enables sophisticated autopilot function fit MX5 MK1 Coilovers . On the basis of

Golf hub stunning Alpil modified limited edition 7

Japanese tuning company Alpil has started to build a new Volkswagen Golf 7 Series. As you can see, the kit golf 7 greatly improved. Spoiler lip and rear diffuser, side skirts, front spoiler. Watson CV3 white paint. Alpil has accepted the orders, which will be a limited edition cars. MTM Audi RS6 wagon on for a new adjustment program has been announced, this year on the market, twin-turbo 4.0 liters V8 engine, 722 HP and 885 Nm. The overall cost of 13,751 euros, or $ 18,504. According to European media Inautonews January 26 it reported that recently committed modification Lamborghini German tuning company released its DMC Lamborghini Aventador after upgrade notice Map of the cost of production of the car as much as $ 2.5 million.

Euro Sport Post New Golf R MK6 air kit

Euro Sport is proud to introduce the latest Volkswagen Golf R MK6 intake kit, using 2.75-inch mandrel bent pipe, laser cutting the stent, precision welded structure of the intake system. 45 minutes bolt installation. Powder coated black or bright silver can be selected. Lifetime warranty, the price of $ 209.95. Recently, TechArt introduced their modified Porsche 911 Turbo. The car is expected to debut at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Novitec Ferrari F12 has recently introduced a new wide-body conversion kit. Carbon fiber body shell includes wide fenders, front and rear bumpers, spoilers. After the ECU upgrade has 770 horsepower super, absolutely shocking. Australian Super Pro authority has released details of the new BMW-based alloy rod 1,3 upgrades.

Small and beautiful Skoda Fabia

Has recently appeared in a new generation of foreign Skoda Fabia, Skoda is now in the planning of the upcoming Taiwan officially arrived in Taiwan in late April. The new Fabia after the family put a new face has a more sophisticated feel, with powerful body lines, multi-channel, compact and rich sense of movement. In addition to the appearance of refreshing, the cockpit and then put the new steering wheel, the control screen and light-colored trim, provide bright and youthful. As for the dynamic model, the new Fabia equipped with a 1.2 l TSI turbo engine with 110hp / 17.8kgm maximum power, in addition, Skoda will prepare another 1.6 liters equipped with a naturally aspirated engine of the entry model, prices are expected to fall 65 to 80 million range.

Collision mitigation brake system CMBS

When the system determines that the front of the vehicle or pedestrian collision risk may occur, it will be displayed to alert the driver via a dashboard warning tone and take appropriate action to feedback; if the driver does not react with the front of vehicles or pedestrians closer to the system must test drive braking force, and also the seat belt pretensioners to remind the driver performs control again; if the vehicle is about to judge the risk of the system will be heavy braking to avoid a collision. After that I still do not ignore this reminder, along with obviously felt the vehicle starts braking intervention, when the simulated vehicle close to a certain distance, the hybrid Accord began heavy braking. It is worth mentioning that within two seconds after the brake to stop, the

Acura CDX mechanical mechanism

This 1.5L engine is a high-power version of the 182 horsepower output for a 1.5T engine, it can be considered a very rosy value. Matched 8-speed DCT gearbox, it can be said that Honda's latest Power Technology are used in this car up. This engine than the engine output Civic is much higher, you are not really looking forward to its performance? Do not worry, the next will answer your questions. Although equipped with a "IDS Integrated Power System" But CDX not see the usual Honda ECO driving mode performance parts.

Golf Kerry and Touran L appearance contrast

Golf and Touran L Ka brigade from MQB platform, now have to say that Volkswagen's model of the family design style makes you want to distinguish between the different models have been a bit more difficult. L is even Touran MPV, golf trip to Kerry compact car, but also very similar to their front face. In addition, the current Volkswagen models favorite polyline modeling approach also appeared in the two models. Both models come standard with halogen light headlights, daytime running lights and automatic headlight function only golf Kerry aftermarket engine parts trip will be provided in this regard Touran L configuration seems somewhat lacking.

Strong car Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Although Lamborghini Gallardo successor cars Huracan has surfaced, but in the market for many years Gallardo emitting cars is still quite compelling, bring you today by Canada's renowned team SR Auto Group recently modified the surgeon extinction black Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 -4. Appearance, the car series which inherited the most powerful version of the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera design, pre-installed on the Superleggera bumper, side skirts set, rear spoiler and the reverse image attached devices and other components on the rear wing, rims the new PUR RS05 wheels, bright silver ring with red face paint of brake calipers selection inspired by the Lamborghini Egoista concept cars with the extinction of the black body of the vehicle appeared to be quite prominent. Power, for which a

California different side

The biggest advantage is the film without removing too much of the body member can achieve the effect of color change, but the need for more detailed painting to be split coloring process, which is the biggest difference between the two, is the most embodies the effect of construction differences place. Under normal circumstances does not film the inside of the door construction, too many lines and corners is the biggest obstacle, but as long as the patient open after painting can spray all over the place, the time and integrity can not have both. Original car fuel tank cap and side skirts are made of a carbon fiber material, polished to remove the painting in the construction process, so that they become more brilliant.
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