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BYD S7's praise and complaints

From the BYD S7 data, the praise and complaints of the project there is a big controversy, including comfort and handling of the complaints have entered the top three complaints and complaints, for the two we will be in the following detailed analysis , And now we mainly take a look at the user's praise of BYD S7 space.

Denso began to expand in the 1960s

In 1966, for the Denso company has a milestone significance, the continued growth in sales so that the electric has the courage to enter overseas, and because of the major US automakers market supply chain interest and more and more Japan Production cars exported to the United States, Denso has taken the first step in overseas, in Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively, set up a branch, which is Denso in Japan outside the first division.

2009 Volkswagen sixth-generation golf list

October 19, from the FAW - Volkswagen launched the sixth generation of the new Golf listing conference and found the perfect trip Triumph ceremony held in Changchun FAW Volkswagen Plant, FAW - Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "FAW - Volkswagen") And many guests witnessed the masterpiece of the automotive industry in the domestic market, the perfect bloom. The listing of models, including five 1.6L models, three 1.4T models, price range: 11.88-16.68 million. Sixth-generation Golf equipped with a total of 1.4TSI and 1.6L two engines, automatic use of all the latest Volkswagen 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Rolls Royce repairer and build aircraft

Rolls-Royce in the repairer and the way of making the aircraft is full of experience, in 1906, Charles Rolls (Charles Rolls) and Henry Royce (Henry Royce) set up Rolls-Royce Limited Rolls-Royce Limited), the original just want to honestly repairer. Not want to encounter the First World War, the Government and the market demand, Rolls-Royce had to shift the main business to the aircraft engine. Later Rolls-Royce has been the aircraft car with both hands, until 1971, the operating loss of the Rolls-Royce company declared bankruptcy, the company's aviation and car business split. Rolls-Royce produced the "Rolls-Royce" engine acclaimed, Rolls-Royce car is changed hands after the final acquisition by BMW.

JeepCherokee (XJ) view

In 1970, AMC acquired Kaiser Jeep, according to their market research, compact SUV is the future trend, so they invested 250 million research and development of compact Cherokee and Wagoneer sports car. Its research and development by AMC and Renault jointly completed. It is smaller in size and weight than Wagoneer (SJ). The most important change is that it is no longer the use of traditional non-load-bearing body but light weight bearing body. It is the first two-wheel-drive system ignition coils for sale has two optional models: Command-Trac time-sharing four-wheel drive and Selec-Trac full-time four-wheel drive.

Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) is the originator of modern luxury SUV

In 1963 this year, Willys renamed Kaiser Jeep, and launched a high-end Jeep series, ignited the still prosperous SUV boom, but then there is no SUV concept. Wagoneer is also regarded as the originator of the modern luxury SUV. This revolutionary car, full of creativity, setting a lot of industry first, many of the equipment in the contemporary four-wheel drive is not over. It is the first four-wheel drive with automatic transmission, independent front suspension, automatic full-time four-wheel drive system impreza coilovers, equipped with the industry's first overhead camshaft straight six engines.

Corvette Grand Sport sports car model

Corvette Grand Sport based on Corvette to build lightweight, and suspension and other structures for a comprehensive upgrade, the engine uses a LT1 V8 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 467 hp, matching a 7-speed Manual transmission (the field of manual car the most models), if too cumbersome manual shift, you can also choose an 8-speed automatic transmission. Corvette is also regarded as a model of the United States Department of sports car, has always insisted on large displacement self-absorption is its characteristics, with manual transmission, so that the car became countless fans dream car. Of course, G brother would also like to feel this primitive driving style. McLaren 570S is McLaren family entry model, why can become the best performance car?

BMW M4 GTS the strongest version

BMW M4 GTS BMW M4 family is the most powerful version of the power, equipped with a high-power 3.0L twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine, maximum power of 500 horsepower, maximum torque 600N m, this engine is equipped with BMW's latest Water jet technology, can better enhance the engine power output, reduce the engine knock. In the field of six in-line engine, BMW is almost invincible. Strong momentum must cooperate with a clever transmission, so as to the performance of the engine to play out, BMW M4 GTS uses a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, to achieve 3.8 seconds of 100 km acceleration, speed up to 305km / h, Than the regular version of the M4 two-door version of the fast 0.3 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz CLA CLASS AMG Line kit

Performance of the powerful Mercedes-AMG models is the dream of many fans, but the high price of most consumers will be shut out, in order to meet the needs of this part of the crowd, Mercedes-Benz CLA-class models recently launched The AMG Line suite, which will make the regular version of CLA look "AMG". Friends must understand very clearly, see "Line Suite" appears that this will be a "face project." The Mercedes-Benz AMG Line kit for the CLA-class models includes the front bumper lower surrounded, side skirts, rear bumper under the air diffuser and rear bumper side of the small baffle, and these components were blackened .

Join the Soul Red Element Mazda 2 Red Edition

Recently, Mazda officially released a Mazda 2 Red Edition models official map, the car only in the appearance details and interior parts of the classic elements of the soul joined the Mazda red elements, power has not changed.
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