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Lancer Fortis modification

Original configured analog CVT automatic six-speed manual gearbox, though the power transmission has a direct, rapid shifting, SR20DET rods fuel-saving advantage, but steel power transmission design, really can not afford to be too large torque output of the shortcomings, the occasion when faced with external turbine, the maximum boost the value of 0.7bar already is the limit of the gearbox, and also not hard acceleration, to a few gearbox immediately after class in the stationary state, so you want to boost the value will increase get more horsepower, replace manual transmission gearbox is inevitable process.

Modification MTM Golf VI GTI

But for hardcore car owners, 210hp really only with "Degraded" word to describe the daily travel barely passing, if encountered when really needed, Bigfoot throttle down, pass back just smooth acceleration, which For the kinds of things start to change the habit of heavy monsters owners it is absolutely not allowed to happen, so the owners of selected power conversion system VAG car manufacturers MTM, not to replace the turbine main body of the premise, carried out a series of retrofit projects.

Piecha Design C63 AMG

For the author, AMG appearance of a dynamic, sharp and streamlined it is difficult to find its flaws in terms of points, the only place the more serious criticisms may be too popular design, whether it is positive or upgrade their own AMG cars who are like walking down the street wearing standard uniforms.

Legacy BE

exhaust manifold Water injection in the current modified community can be said fairly high exposure, in addition to effectively reduce the temperature of the cylinder head, the special low after mixing industrial alcohol ignition, also allow more complete combustion, and therefore can be more ignition advance several times to exchange dynamic performance. Barnacles launch engine exhaust pipe noise is quite calm, no one would think of the engine room is the possessor of such a brutal giant snails, cut a file ATS Carbon three clutch tell the truth, when the really cold very good adaptation.

Mazda 2 turbine Modified

Belongs to the new generation of cars of Mazda 2, has a Japanese-style looks dapper, and turned quite flexible, tricky, into the top bend only slightly adjust the speed, in the corners that can easily pass without trouble, perhaps not as fast as pure set of steel gun, but it has a deft turn of a similar atmosphere, plus the whole car import way to introduce mining, attracted a group of players do not want to stream to favor secular, but factory equipped with 1.5L engine, although available Peak power output of 103hp /14.0kgm, but for hardcore gamers, it is not quite enough, so will the rise of the turbine of the retrofit program.

GReddy turbo conversion

Since Shang Hao car FR-S more than a week before the game to complete the dynamic aspects of the conversion, 180SX coilovers followed by stepping up the pace in the chassis part to be modified is set, the first in the most important part of the suspension, developed by riders using Jiang Rong Hao Extand shock absorbers, the brand on the track accumulated considerable experience, both in terms of quality, performance above all a very good level, and the corresponding 86 cars developed suspension kit, especially the track set They have considerable skill.

Luxgen U6 easy to over 200

But car owners for subsequent upgrades ways to work out a comprehensive blueprint for the hardware upgrade has been ready for a TD-05 turbine, and a full JK Racing intake air coolers, metal turbine piping, custom exhaust tail segment, is expected to boost the value will increase to about 1.1bar, in addition to further increase the amount of wind turbines and boost the value addition, also be smoother intake, and lower exhaust temperature and pressure so that the high-speed domain was not subject to "choke" under such enhance the rate increased to allow maximum horsepower over 230, and has a good full domain response.

Bolt-on Tuning Forward turbocharger -Supercharger

On the other hand if you say it is also one of the shortcomings that boost the value of a supercharged turbine controller can not be adjusted freely, as is the use of engine speed, and therefore boost the value of high-end must be Plymouth controlled most formal approach is to narrow the Plymouth supercharger boost the value on to improve, another way is to use the zoom crank Plymouth to achieve the same effect, but because it is a purely mechanical set so Plymouth zoom or a reduced size have to do more sophisticated measurements.

VW Passat B4 GT

Nearly two years "classic 90" sprang getting old car wave, joint off the wagon is not popular 1990s style, and car VW Passat B4 GT Wagon is one of the very rare models, not only the extent of its rarity it is only station wagon, modified stores also transplanted late 16th and valve electronic injection engine, 6-speed manual gearbox with athletics, is the world's only a Passat GT Wagon?

NISSAN Skyline GTT (ER34)

The pressurized gas pipe after the turbine by a metal material to be responsible for delivery, smooth inner surface of the metal can reduce unnecessary intake resistance. The LM alloy quality from BLITZ under the intercooler for the turbo gas to providing quick adopted, increased to 65mm throttle also help to improve the intake of space, with the air inside the cylinder head intake / exhaust ports throw slide step, the intake of natural increase smoothness, this package will be the proceeds of effort down the operational response of the engine.
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